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Merrill & Merrill provides legal services to the people and businesses of southeastern Idaho and beyond in nearly all areas of law. Whether you are concerned about a complex business or real estate transaction, a criminal matter, a civil litigation issue, a family law dispute, a social security disability claim, a matter involving immigration law, or an estate planning or probate need, whether simple or complex, the attorneys at Merrill & Merrill will be able to serve you competently and responsibly.


Agricultural Law

Agricultural law often involves a myriad of legal disciplines, including, among others, real and personal property, water rights, business, estates planning, and immigration. As more particularly explained below, Merrill & Merrill attorneys have considerable experience in all of the legal practice areas that come into play in the operation of a farm or ranch and in purchase and sale of farms and ranches. Whatever the issue affecting your farm or ranch, Merrill & Merrill will be able to competently advise and represent you.

Bankruptcy Law

Deciding when or if to file for bankruptcy can be one of the most difficult decisions to make. There are many factors you need to consider before determining if it’s the best choice for you. From how much money you have in your bank account to paying off large bills months before filing, it’s easy to lose track of everything before you file. Throughout our many years of experience as the oldest law firm in Pocatello, we’ve developed a practical knowledge of the intricacies of bankruptcy law. We can help you determine whether you should file Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy, when you should file, or even advise you if other options might be in your best interest. If you’re even considering filing for bankruptcy, or you’re wondering if it’s the right choice for your family and situation, call our attorneys for a consultation. Our legal counsel will help you make the best decision.

Business Law

Business law is multifaceted and complex, and to truly achieve success it takes a professional with an intimate knowledge of how that law works. At Merrill & Merrill we have the knowledge and savvy to counsel and represent you in your business endeavors. We cover all the following areas of business law and more:

  • Contracts and Business Transactions
  • Selection, Formation and maintenance of general business or agricultural entities, including C corporations, S corporations, partnerships, limited liability companies, limited partnerships, and limited liability partnerships
  • Selection, formation and maintenance of professional practice entities 
  • Purchase and sale of businesses, including both asset transactions and entity ownership transfers 
  • Employment Law 
  • Covenants not to compete 
  • Loans or purchases secured by mortgages, deeds of trust and personal property security instruments. 

Trust in our experience and explore how we can help you by contacting us today.

Civil Litigation

Have you had a dispute with a spouse, business, landlord, or other entity that requires legal action? Has someone else taken legal action against you by filing a complaint with the court system? Then you need a civil litigation attorney!

Civil litigation encompasses a large portion of the legal system, including contract disputes, personal injury claims, Workers’ Compensation disputes, copyright infringements, and many areas of family law. In all of these examples, there is the potential for one or all parties to sue each other or file a lawsuit. Retaining a civil litigation attorney can protect your interests when these disputes get messy and complex.

Because the litigation process can be both long and complicated, involving negotiations; weeks or years of preparation; court documents that have to be filled out and filed; and, potentially, a trial requiring extensive legal knowledge, you need someone—like our attorneys—with the legal expertise to navigate these difficulties. Whether your best interests mean negotiating a settlement before trial or zealously arguing your position in court, you can count on Merrill & Merrill.

Criminal Law

If you’re being investigated for a crime—or you’ve already been accused of one—you are entitled to a criminal defense attorney. During the course of an investigation, our experienced attorneys can offer you legal counsel and protect your rights. Investigation tactics can be overwhelming, so our attorneys make sure that you know your rights and how to exercise them, based on your best interests.

Being charged with a crime can affect many areas of your life, from your family to your reputation, and even your job or ability to work. Depending on the crime, you may be facing fines, imprisonment, mandatory service, or some combination of the above. The sooner you involve one of our attorneys, the better we can understand all aspects of your case; in turn, we will then be able to find the best possible resolution for your situation.

Estate Planning & Probate

Every person should prepare in advance for the possibility of mental or physical incapacity before death and for the handling of his or her affairs after death. Since no one knows when incapacity or death may occur, consulting with an estate planning and probate attorney ensures that you will be taken care of during your life time and that your family will be cared for after your death.

Our lawyers have experience working with a variety of estate sizes and types. Whether your situation calls for a simple or complex last will and testament, a revocable living trust, or other estate planning vehicle, our attorneys will help find the best solution for you and your loved ones. Merrill & Merrill attorneys will also be able to advise you regarding guardianship, living wills, and durable power of attorney documents.

Lawyers at Merrill & Merrill also advise clients regarding probate and trust administration. Such clients include personal representatives (executors), trustees, and also those who have an interest in the estate or trust as an heir, devisee or beneficiary. We can help navigate the paperwork, tax returns, and other documents that need to be filed, as well as mediate or litigate, if need be, any disputes that may arise.

Family Law

Family issues generally require a large emotional investment for those going through them. Whether it is a positive outcome like an adoption, or a weighty trial like a divorce, our attorneys at Merrill & Merrill have the deftness and acumen to handle your situation delicately while still getting you the fair outcomes you deserve. We cover all areas of family law, including:

  • Divorce 
  • Spousal and Child Support 
  • Child Custody Division of Assets & Liabilities 
  • Adoption 
  • Termination of Parental Rights 

If you are in need of an experienced attorney in family law issues, count on us to get the fair results you deserve.

Healthcare Law

Within the realm of healthcare law, our attorneys have experience helping business maintain compliance with a variety of healthcare regulations laws, including Stark and anti-kickback laws. We can also help address issues dealing with the Affordable Care Act, HIPAA, patient accountability, insurance requirements, and other legal statutes involving healthcare and healthcare reform.

Immigration Law

Immigration law is an important part of American history that reverberates today. Making sure that it is handled correctly takes wisdom and precision. At Merrill & Merrill we have the understanding to help you with your immigration law issues. Our attorneys have a deep understanding of all areas of immigration including:

  • Visas 
  • Immigration and Deportation Rules and Policies 
  • Green Cards 
  • Applicable Labor Laws 
  • Family-Based Issues

Personal Injury

Being involved in an accident—whether it’s caused by a vehicle, slippery surface, or some other trigger—can be physically and emotionally traumatizing, as well as financially draining. When the accident occurs because of someone else’s negligence, you are entitled to receive compensation for your suffering and expenses.

Proving to the court the extent of your injuries and supporting your claim can involve a lot of paperwork and procedures. Our personal injury attorneys have guided many people through this process, so we know the ins and outs of what the court needs, as well as when they need it.

While healing from your injuries, the stress of a claim should be one of the last things on your mind. You can rest easy knowing that our lawyers are putting their expert knowledge to work for you. In addition, as you continue to get medical care, we can work with your creditors to suspend payments until a settlement is reached.

Real Estate Law

Although buying or leasing a home, commercial property or agricultural land may seem like a simple process, that process will often include negotiating contract terms, reviewing lots of paperwork and supporting documentation, and ultimately signing legally binding contracts. Fine print in form contracts may contain unpleasant surprises that will cause problems for the parties after the deal is completed. Our attorneys have wide experience in representing clients in all manner of real estate transactions, whether our clients are buyers, sellers, landlords or tenants. We have also represented numerous clients who have had issues with easements, water rights, title disputes, restrictive covenants, zoning matters, real estate subdivision and condominium development, and tax deferred exchanges. Additionally, our firm has extensive experience in mortgage and deed of trust foreclosure and the filing of mechanics’ liens. Whatever the issue involving real property our attorneys will be able to draft the transaction papers, help you with the negotiation and interpretation of agreements drafted by others and represent you in the event of dispute with another party.

In that regard our attorneys can negotiate and litigate land disputes and construction defect issues; help you resolve disagreements with your neighbor about land boundaries, water rights or damage to your trees and property; and represent you in quiet title actions.

In situations where your home or building suffers defects from poor workmanship or defects caused by or created during the construction process, our attorneys have experience and have had success pursuing negligence claims against the at-fault party. These concerns can be as mild as moisture entering the home through faulty windows and doors or as severe as cracks in your walls. Your home or commercial property or farm is a big investment. Let our attorneys help you protect it.

Social Security Disability

At Merrill & Merrill, we are here to help with all segments of getting you the Social Security benefits that are rightfully yours. In order to qualify, you must demonstrate your eligibility under very strict guidelines, as described on the US Government’s Social Security website.
Under Social Security, “disability” is based on your inability to work. You are considered disabled under Social Security rules if:

  • You cannot do work that you did before 
  • You cannot adjust to other work because of your medical condition(s) 
  • Your disability has lasted or is expected to last for at least one year or to result in death 

These strict guidelines mean that even people who ought to qualify may, at times, have trouble doing so.

So, if you disability claim is denied, we will still be able to help you review your information and walk you through the appeals process, as well as an appeal hearing, in order to help you get the fund you need.

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Workers’ Compensation

Most Idaho businesses and employers are required by law to carry Workers’ Compensation coverage. This coverage helps protect you when you are injured at work, and exempts you from pursuing a claim against your company.

While the laws that govern Workers’ Compensation may make it seem like you don’t have a lot of options after a work-related injury, there are special circumstance when our lawyers can provide additional assistance. If your employer is refusing to file a claim, if your claim is rejected, or if you simply have questions about the process and timing of reporting your injury, our attorneys can lend their legal expertise and guidance to your situation.

We fight for you and all the benefits you’re entitled to under Idaho law, regardless of whether you’re suffering from a short or long-term injury, occupational disease, or repetitive trauma.